Small Business Marketing Tips

The heart of any business success lies on its marketing. Most aspects of the business depend on a successful marketing campaign. As a result, it is hard to overstate the significance of marketing. From local stores to hot new startups, every business can benefit from the heightened brand awareness and increased sales that great marketing campaigns can offer. Simply put, if you are not marketing your business, then you are not making progress. Regardless of how great your service or product is, without any marketing effort, you are more likely to be ignored and stand still than to move forward and find clients or customers. Here are the small business marketing tips:

Small Businesses

1) Use integrated marketing
There is no single and failsafe approach to marketing. As a result, you should vary your tactics. If you just use one marketing technique, your clients might tune out after a certain period of time. Therefore, think of a wide range of ways to communicate with the potential customers such as classified ads, social media, , leaflets and sales letters.

2) Send second offers to your clients immediately after a purchase
In case your customer has just bought an item or service from you, you should seize the moment and then send them a note (an email or letter) thanking them for all their businesses and then inform them that they can always take advantage of special discounts on their next purchases. Remember to also include an expiration date so that they can act sooner.

3) Use mail-outs
Get a professional-looking advert, flyer or brochure printed up and ensure that you enclose it in your outgoing mail. By doing this, you will save on postage since were posting something nonetheless. In addition, it means that potential customers shall have something tangible that they can refer to in future, even if they do not need it at the moment.

4) Send newsletters
Finding new clients is great. However, it is also good to keep existing customers. Use newsletters in focusing your marketing on the past customers. In case printed newsletters are expensive, you should consider e-mail newsletters sent to individuals who subscribe at your website.

5) Get social
Aim to turn the one-off customers into loyal repeat customers by ensuring that they remember you. In order to do this, you have to give them a gentle reminder of why they might require you, without having to bombard them. You can always achieve this by using the social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook (for instance create a business page on Facebook offering interesting discounts, offers and content) and also by using email marketing (for instance ask your customers to sign up so as to receive all your e-newsletter).

6) Utilise free advertising
Create well-written classified advertisements and use internet ad directories where you can post adverts for free. You can try Vivastreet or Gumtree.

7) Get blogging
A blog is a very great and low-cost way to engage with existing customers as well as attracting new customers. Make sure that you update it on regular basis with relevant content so as to keep all your subscribers interested. You can grow followers on your blog by leaving comments on the other people’s blogs.

8) Send out press releases
Make the most of all your local newspapers by sending well-written press releases. A new contract, new business launch, the creation of jobs, an open day or seminar, all make for very interesting local news. Local press coverage is quite valuable because you are targeting potential clients who live nearby, furthermore, it is free thus you won’t have to incur any costs.

9) Send a small advert on a postcard
Get a postcard printed and send it out to prospects within your target market.
People are likely to read the postcard in case the message is brief. A small advert on the postcard could drive high volumes of traffic to your site and create additional sales leads for a small cost

10) Update your website
Take a new look at your site – can it do with an update? Your site acts as a free advertising tool for the business. As a result, make sure that it looks the best that it can. Your website should be simple to navigate, focused and with great content. Ensure that your web copy is also free from grammatical and spelling errors, it conveys the message that you wish to pass across to all your visitors and it does so in a very compelling way.